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So You Say You are a Good Communicator…

Strategic communications come in many forms — one we all use is email. Email is a key strategic communications pathway to clients, business partners, vendors, and customers. When it comes to email, I feel your pain. Inboxes are flooded with unread, burdensome email demanding attention. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle […]

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Constructive Criticism Does NOT Belong in a Performance Review

There’s no such thing as constructive criticism. Accenture made news recently with its announcement to eliminate performance reviews. Companies are getting onboard with the idea that this cumbersome, rarely transparent, once-a-year process was a drain on all involved. Worse yet, the results of such reviews weren’t reaping the benefits employers sought and employees craved. In place […]

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HOW Leaders Communicate Means Everything

HOW leaders communicate is more important than the words themselves. Leadership communication is as simple as that. Tone (spoken or written), body language, and facial expressions tell the real story. Leaders who don’t get this miss out on HUGE teaching opportunities with staff and management. It is a cop-out to pride oneself in “just being honest” or using frank, matter-of-fact […]

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