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It’s All About That So What

Jobseekers come to me when they want to take their careers into a new direction. They need a resume and jobseeker branding strategy that gives them a WOW factor. Attractive resumes and online social media presence give a strong impressive. While I believe these are important components of branding, let’s be clear, this is not where you begin […]

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Career Advice: BEST Workplaces to Kickstart Your Job Search

The list of best workplaces comes out every year. In 2014, there were 6,200 companies considered (11.9M employees) and Google ranked in the #1 spot. This is a hot topic of conversation among career professionals. Among jobseekers, my experience is most people say they would love to work for a “cool” company like Google. Name recognition and prestige comes from […]

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How do you leverage a jobless recovery?

Almost every morning I read at least one article about the surge in the economic recovery. There’s an upward tick in employment, the housing market is starting to creep up, and the stock market continues to boom. I see all of these claims about the economy’s undeniable turnaround, but I’m still hearing and feeling the […]

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