Executive Resume Preparation

This may be the first time you’ve thought about working with a career consultant. During your research of providers, you will likely find varying processes. At HCS, a partnership with us is a 100% collaboration. Without your full commitment and participation throughout the journey, the resume writing outcome is not certain.

If you are onboard and ready to dedicate the time needed to this approach, please keep reading!

Who are HCS’s primary executive resume clients?

At HCS, our speciality is mid-level corporate professionals and executives, including new career transitions and post-retirement candidates. Our industry experiences are heavily influenced by finance, accounting, audit, sales, healthcare, operations, supply chain, operations, project management, and administrative positions.

How does the process work to create an executive resume?

Our #1 goal is to tell your story and your story alone. We do not use templates. We do not have a list of boiler point questions. Our approach is highlighted by customization, which is entirely required to communicate your unique vision and career goals.

We promise you will be impressed by the confidence you build during this straightforward process.

  • Needs Evaluations: Together we will discuss your current situation and future objectives. Coming together, to talk through goals up front, ensures we are a good professional match. During this stage, we will also determine costs of services and payment terms, all compiled and agreed upon in a signed Letter of Agreement.
  • Consultation & Questionnaire: Once we agree to move forward, HCS takes your original resume and asks you to complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire gets you thinking about your former jobs from a different angle. We ask you pinpointed questions and need you to complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability.
  • Phone Interview: After we’ve received your completed questionnaire, we begin to craft the framework for your new resume. During this stage, we will review all of the content you provided in extensive detail to ensure our understanding of your background. Using this information, we create some additional areas of questions, which we will discuss with you during a 30-60+ minute phone call.
  • Resume Preparation: When the phone call is completed, we take all of the information we have (your career goals, your accomplishments, your experiences) and create a one-of-a-kind branding document that is customized for your career objectives. We will highlight what makes you unique, underscoring your history of achievements, which is always the best indicator of your future success.
  • Document Delivery & Review: HCS will schedule another 10-minute call upon delivery of your document. During this call, we’ll walk through our strategy so that you understand the context of our choices. After this brief call, you have time  to review in greater detail and provide feedback. We’ll discuss that feedback, consider any possible changes, and finalize. Your complete package includes an MS Word and ASCII text resume. We also provide you with a short e-note/introductory note you can use when emailing your resume to prospects.

How long does this all take to create an executive resume?

The first draft of your resume is delivered in 10–12 business days after receipt of full payment and completion of the interview, along with delivery of any outstanding information you may need to provide your writer.

What is the investment in the executive resume process?

Each resume package is carefully designed to meet your specific needs. Differing degrees of complexity and level of experience require different rates. Fees for entry-level resumes begin at $529.

Payments are collected via PayPal. 50% is due prior to the scheduling the interview. The remaining 50% is due immediately after the interview. Delivery date of the resume is 10–12 days post receipt of payment and after receipt of all outstanding information from the client, but is also contingent on the client achieving set milestones.

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